Is there anything intuitive about intuitive eating? w/Shannon Beer & Dr Gabrielle Fundaro

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Is there anything intuitive about intuitive eating? w/Shannon Beer & Dr Gabrielle Fundaro

May 19, 2020

In this week's episode the boys are joined by two nutrition powerhouses, Dr Gabrielle Fundaro and Shannon Beer. Gabrielle aka vitaminphd, has become well known as a go-to resource on all things gut health. In addition to her telehealth services she is also a Renaissance Periodization coach and can be found all over the world presenting on nutrition (when not in the midst of a global pandemic). Shannon is a well known nutrition coach with Flex Success and author of the book Life After Dieting.


Shannon and Gabrielle have been working together on their series, Bridging the Gap to bring a "comprehensive coaching" model to the nutrition coaching sphere. Their work is focused on creating a more "client centric" model that removes the authoritarian aspect of coaching.


In the pursuit of adding context to myopic issues, Dean and Jeb wanted to discuss the true intentions behind intuitive eating and the health at every size movement. These two topics get lambasted by many in the nutrition and fitness sphere since, as is often the case, the topics just aren't understood. So this discussion will hopefully shed some light on both the origins and realistic expectations of both intuitive eating and HAES.


1:15 Intro

4:30 Defining our terms: Intuitive eating and HAES

10:00 What is the structure that drives food behaviors?

12:00 "Intuitive eating isn't just eating donuts"

12:45 "gentle nutrition"

14:00 HAES/Weight stigma

16:00 Simplifying a complex topic until it's inaccurate

19:00 What are the downsides?

24:00 Not all things are interventions

25:00 How do we implement a food relationship strategy in a macro counting world?

32:00 There's more to the story than losing weight

35:00 How to be a better coach/Motivational interviewing

40:00 Helping both client and coach

42:30 Compliance vs Adherence "Just Say No"

45:00 "Put the condom on the banana"

46:00 How to help the ambivalent client

52:00 How can we do no harm?


Dr Gabrielle Fundaro

vitaminphd on IG


Shannon Beer

shannonbeer_ on IG

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