Barbell Mesearch EP 18: Ben House

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Barbell Mesearch EP 18: Ben House

May 05, 2020

In this episode the boys are joined by Dr. Ben House of BroResearch to talk content creation, fitfluencer culture, and why values may be the biggest determining factor in what and how you create. Do you have a desire to go beyond? To do more? Many fitness professionals may be struggle to take the leap to content creator for fear of being less than. This discussion helps to lay out tools to move beyond that trepidation and into confidence through some rather simple steps. We can all be educators.


As a PhD in nutrition from UT Austin and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr House is a sought after speaker on topics from food to hormones. He is passionate about blending research and practical knowledge to find the best approaches to both educate and elevate other fitness professionals. If you are interested in becoming more, check out the content creation course at




He can also be found on:






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2:00 Dean's unique way of making friends

4:00 Define our terms: "fitpro"

5:00 Unnecessary digs at Kyle Dobbs

7:00 Ethical content creation/ how to read a study

9:00 Signal to noise ratio

12:45 Digital Minimalism: Cal Newport

15:00 What/who is content creation for? Can marketing be ethical?

19:45 Remit Sethi's ideas on content

22:05 Avoiding your own dogma

27:00 Mechanistic research trap (protein timing)

28:00 Covid talks

35:00 The narrative of a scientific paper

39:00 How to critically think/ level up

46:00 Why create? Rigidity vs flexibility in message

50:00 How to make the jump from consumer to creator

54:45 Parenting and nutrition

57:45 Questioning the process

1:03:50 Who are you?

1:13:00 Squats... again

1:25:00 Vs

1:32:00 Practical takeaways








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