Barbell Mesearch

We’ve both based our professional lives around a simple concept: Get better!

Better at coaching, better at doing, better at understanding. But most of all, better at learning. How can we take all of this evidence, all of this research, all of this observational data and blend it into a cocktail of information that is both indulgent and yet nutritive? How do we order from the top shelf? How can we continue to drink at the bar for free? Yes, this is a totally self-serving project. But what isn’t?

The inception was like any other moment in great modern innovation; while sitting in a wading pool drinking boxes of fruit juice and eating protein bars in the jungle of Costa Rica. After being led down the research rabbit hole by Dr Ben House in preparation for Brocon 2020, we both realized just how little we actually understood. We refuse to be the type of fitness professional that shares an abstract just to fit our biases, especially now that we had gotten a little taste of where research could take us. We couldn’t let this practice fall by the wayside. But with no project deadline looming and no fear of looking like assholes in front of some of the smartest minds in fitness how would we drive ourselves?

We both have a gift. Well, maybe not so much a gift as a character flaw. We both talk a lot of shit. A lot. But we also have a lot of smart friends who are ok with it. What if we were to convince them to talk to us about their specific area of expertise? What if we could use our shit talking for good just this once? We could ask them what led them down their particular path. What their personal methodology looks like. What makes good research and what they look for. We can learn from the best while also sharing what makes them the best.

So here it is, Barbell Mesearch (The Next Generation). A conversation for meatheads, academics, and all of us that fall somewhere in between. We might never be PhDs, but if we work hard enough we might someday be some pretty damned good Bro-scientists.