Mindset For Dummies


August 28, 2018

Mindset for Dummies

One of the key elements to my journey over the last year has been what seems to be what every life coach recommends!! The most successful people in the world use it!! It is your key to success and building your BEST LIFE!!!


Now, this is where I absolutely will not recommend a daily 5 step process to grow your mindfulness practice…because I see mindfulness a little bit different than the simple bow wrapped key to your freedom. Instead here is what you do.

Breathe – It is what they trick you into doing anyways.

Relax – It is what they trick you into doing anyways.

Understand the inputs – sounds, feelings, muscles, pain, thoughts, memories… It is what they trick you to do anyway.

Name them – Understand their effect on you – Then rationalize what their role is at each given moment in which they occur.




Now the above is an oversimplified version of a guided meditation or some form of guided best life stuff you’ll come across. The problem I have with a lot of the content out there is that it almost takes advantage of the fact that it is easy to make people feel better, but it doesn’t address the factors of understanding so people can take ownership of long-term change.

The ownership in your mind is where the show is at. That is where the people who actually want to help you will take you. The rest will take your money.

The biggest change personally was to take ownership of the WHY. The KNOWING. That is where mindfulness actually can take charge of your actions. If you are following steps BLINDLY are you AWARE? Are you MINDFUL? Are you AWARE of being MINDFUL? Inception that shit.


Are you someone who wants the quick fix? Take the easy route?


I used to be.


This concept of being “aware” is going to take a bit more than practicing your meditation and writing down 5 things you are grateful for each morning, routine. Now don’t get me wrong, these steps are part of the process and can help people feel better. My fear is that an activity or practice is the weak hinge point in your journey to seek a better, happier, more fulfilled life and without the understanding process you become reliant on something outside of yourself.

So what is the easy route? The easy route is to blindly follow, to try and do the things someone else tells you to create better habits, and cross your fingers that it works. I get it...there is already enough crap going on in life that you just want the answers NOW. Just know that your success with that mindset hinge on someone else and is a fairly weak strategy for long-term change.


Are you someone who wants the quick fix? Take the easy route?


If the answer to those questions is yes, that is totally fine. I’m happy for you. We just wouldn’t be very good friends.

PS:I still lift heavy. I'll still Bench Press in front of Anthony Harder while being completely mindful of the fact that he is aware that I'm aware I bench his deadlift max... While he is mindful of the feeling of anxious thoughts that come through his mind if I fail because he will have the inability to lift it off of me. This makes him sad. Sadness leads to sickness. Sickness leads to fewer gains.

Question everything.


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