About Us

We figured it out?

Engineered Performance was built out of the desire to be better. There was always this overarching feeling that the fitness industry has become complacent at times, but we were always finding new ways to innovate what we thought was true.

Our journey truly started when we realized the impact that mindfulness and breathing had on our strength gains. To be completely honest if you told me that learning how to breathe in the right position would have a profound effect on my lifting as opposed to hard work, grit, and aggression…we would have told you are wrong; we were wrong.

This process of understanding your body, your mind, and your environment is something that we have dedicated our lives to. How can we create a better process for optimizing one’s life through strength training? We learned very quickly that training is such a small piece to the puzzle and we strive to be more. Bring the newest techniques to the process, dive into what makes our human organism tick, and how to squeeze every ounce of performance out our minds so we can…Thrive.

We aim to be more than strength coaches and we believe we are bringing something new to the game. A running joke at Engineered Performance is that "We figured it out!" This is quickly replaced with the understanding that we just scratched the surface and there is more. There is always MORE. Thats where Engineered Performance lives.


Dean and Anthony